“Our Children Deserve Better”

It’s the People’s Climate March today. Record numbers have shown up for one of the biggest enviornmental demonstrations. Which reminds me of those jerks who become envriornmentalists AFTER they have a kid. “I think of the planet we’ll be leaving our children.” Oh, that’s nice. Where were you the past 30 years? Oh I know, throwing out your takeout containers with regular garbage and blasting on the A/C while driving a Humvee, and now you only wear fabric made of bamboo and feed your baby organic milk while filling our landfills with more diapers. Similar are the ones who suddenly exercise their civic duty to vote because suddenly education, taxes and the environment are of paramount importance, because finally you grew the F up when you held your mini-me for the first time.

Here’s to hoping your kids don’t end up following your self-serving ways. Assholes.


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