When the Sans Hallucinate


A potent hallucinatory herbal concoction. A couple I know tried it near Machu Picchu, reporting back powerful trips well worth the liters of water they had to consume beforehand. She had an out-of-body experience floating in outer space while he had a brainstorm of a lifetime and came out ready to write an entire book “chapter by chapter.” They’re both creative types and I assumed it would be the  first and the last time I heard about it.

But a work acquaintance brought it up over lunch the other day. A friend of hers who had been struggling with infertility tried it while vacationing in Brazil. This friend revisited long forgotten painful memories and emerged from the trip with clarity and conviction that these psychological traumas were preventing her from conceiving. Furthermore, I’m told, she’s now content with never conceiving as she understands that subconsciously, she never wanted to.

I don’t know if accelerated psychotherapy is a common reaction, but if it is, surely this Ayahuasca is going to drive all the shrinks out of business?


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