Objection to the Obstruction to the Obstetrician

More on the health insurance renewal saga. The majority of employees voted for a cheaper carrier where I would lose access to the aforementioned ob/gyn, Dr. S. Given the network of doctors is expected to expand next year, I tell H.R. I’ll just have to pay his full price. “Wow, you must love your doctor. Most people switch doctors if they can’t get coverage,” she said.

But I only see him once a year for the annual check-up. It’s possible a couple of other issues may come up, which will still be manageable. Hopefully, I just need to ride it out this year and he’ll be in the network the next year.

Pause for thought.

H.R. is right. Why won’t I switch doctors? I mean, he’ll be retiring not that long from now anyway. But I’m holding on to him because I’m holding on to the thought he’s the doctor who’ll deliver my baby one day. Yet clearly I have nothing planned along those lines in the next 12-month period–didn’t I just make the assumption I’d visit him once this year? Woah, girl, what is this passive-aggressive conflict you’ve set up? Sigh. Surely a topic to bring up with the shrink next session. Oh wait. I’m losing coverage with her, too. Great, just great.


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