Saving Baby Names…So Maybe I Can Give It To A Goldfish One Day

Last week Kim Kardashian simultaneously broke everyone’s waters and the internet because there were three newborns over the course of two days. I’ve just received an email announcing the name of one of those babies. My friend explained she chose her grandmother’s name as a tribute to the woman who was “very good to me.”

So was mine. I’d always wanted to pass on her name to a future daughter, but then my sister gave it to her cat. A couple months ago, I was making small talk with an attractive man while waiting for a cab at a Metro-North train station. Given there was some overlap in our businesses, he handed me his card.“I love this name,” I tell him, and note that I had been saving it for a son, except that two friends had already beaten me to it while I was still single. (Hellooo handsome, I’m single!) He studies my name on the business card and looks at me. “I love this name, too,” he says smiling, “It’s my daughter’s name.”


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