Three’s a Charm but It Won’t Stop the Clock

Rub a dub dub! Three sans in a pub.

And who do you think they be?

The doctor, the trader, the internet blogger.

They all went out to eat,

‘Twas enough to remind of kids they don’t bear.

We met up with an old out-of-town friend who was visiting her folks for Thanksgiving. I reached out to other mutual friends but they were either out of town or had conflicts. That didn’t stop us from trying to Facetime each one, but none came to the phone. Duh, they were all mommies on a Saturday afternoon. And we, we were three sans hanging out unable to stop talking even after four hours.

Eventually, this conversation. We compared notes. Doctor envisioned motherhood, but she first needed to mate after spending the past decade in school and residency. Trader was recently married and trying but had doubts about her natural fertility. Blogger here, ambiguous as ever,  deflecting “Do you?” questions and offering her sisters’ family planning status instead. We unanimously agreed on adoption as a viable choice. Regarding freezing eggs–

“It’s not cheap!”

“Well, yes and no. Depends what your own genes mean to you, I suppose.”

“Yeah, I think it’s expensive.”

“I looked into it a couple of years ago and walked away thinking my fertility was NOT worth $10,000! Hahaha.”

“I was told at our age, the quality of our egg is so low it’s not worth spending the money.”

[Nervous laughter ensues.]



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