Based on a straw poll, 2014 was a highly mediocre year for most. Injuries, operations, procedures…flatlined careers, unignited engines… “I guess I got married but it feels so long ago” notes one friend who’s more concerned about making her compensation target before year-end. “What’s left on your bucket list?” asks another, acknowledging nothing quite materialized this year. “Everyone just wants this year to be over with,” pretty much sums up the sentiment.

Then there are those who compile the “best of” Facebook posts for the year and ostentatiously remark “It was a big year for me. Thanks for being part of it!” Like Sandra, whose post-divorce dating and too-much-too-soon engagement was broadcast excessively on social media, or the folks who had their first babies for whom each subsequent month was a first something and each a big effin deal.

Just for kicks, I compiled what the algorithmic gods thought were highlights of the past year as assessed by the up-thumb police. Mainly posts from when my mom was visiting (everyone loves mom posts). Oh, and the photo of a martini captioned “dinner.”



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