All I Wanted

The lady (me) walked into an unfamilar drug store to procure feminine hygiene products. After covering most of the store, I finally found them tucked away in a corner. Everything about this store seemed illogical in layout, with chocolates near nail polish and compression stockings next to painkillers. What genius laid out this store, I thought, recalling there is a position called visual merchandising manager.

I grabbed a box of tampons and started walking towards the registrar when it hit me. There was a logic to where the products were placed. Oh, but of course! First, the family planning section–Durex, KY Jelly, Trojans, followed by Always and Kotex, because the women needing these are most likely sexually active, and all these items are linked to the genitalia. But then! TA-DA, if you move beyond contraceptives and time things outside your menstruation, then some women will swap their maxi pads for diapers. The Pampers were next to Stayfree not because they are both cotton pads that collect fluids, but because this section was about reproduction! (I looked for Depends and did not see them here, confirming this theory.) What mastermind story telling in retail display. Now it makes complete sense the jars of baby food are across the Tampax. Really.

All I wanted was a box of tampons, but I left the drug store reminded of my biological clock.


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