Make New Friends, Keep the Old–Compromise All Around

Just returned from a week long tour in Europe visiting and staying with old friends.  It was almost like an immersion class of being married with kids. Oddly, I noticed more the similarities of the daily routine (we both have smoothies for breakfast) than the differences (I pump iron with Luluemon-clad 20 somethings at the gym, you go to “Pram Attack*” in the park).

In particular, I realized they were also soul searching about their social lives. While I agonize how few friends I have left whom I can relate to, they too, miss the good old BC (before child) days.

“The mom friends are okay…I wouldn’t really be friends with them if it weren’t for the kid thing, but it’s still good to have someone who can grab coffee with you mid-day. Gets you out of the house.”

“Yeah, they’re nice enough, but we don’t have much in common other than giving birth around the same time.”

“They’re temporary friends.”

Sorta like some of the friends I hang out with these days are because they’re the only ones available.

And so, sans and non-sans alike, we reminisce about the days when life decisions didn’t get in the way of friendship.

*British English for stroller workout


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