Guest Post By Shawn–Why People Have Kids

Not quite a guest post but an exchange I had with the fabulous Shawn, a friend from college who just moved back to New York. I love this guy. He’s witty and smart and the asshole knows he’s charming. That’s why he hangs out with me, to prevent him from straying from his long-distance boyfriend. We also happen to be one of the few people our own age who don’t have kids. Yes, that too.

While some of my gay guy friends have exercised their hard-earned right to enter wedlock and to start families, Shawn is entirely comfortable partying like it’s 1999. “Shawn, WHY are you on Grindr if you’re serious about your boyfriend?” “Just looooooookinnnnnnn! I get horny, okay????” “I don’t think looking is going to help silence your hormones!” “But check out this guy, isn’t he cute???” “….okay, he’s cute…” “It’s not cheating if he’s THAT good looking. That’s just a f___.” “Shawn!!!!”

But I digress. Shawn loves talking about relationships. He’s a writer. Per Shawn, straight couples have kids because “It’s the next step in the relationship and that option is available biologically.” A challenge and a way to deepen the relationship, or a case of the save-the-marriage-baby.

I asked about gay couples without that option.

“Oh, you break up or be miserable…or you cheat.”


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