Unsolicited E-mail

“How’s life? Met your colleague Ben last night, haven’t caught up in forever. What’s new? I have a 1 year old daughter which I guess qualifies as big news :)”

How do you respond to that?

Oh hey, yeah, long time. The flip flops I got a few years ago just gave out so I threw them out. I got a new suit for the first time in five years after accepting that my weight’s no longer going to fluctuate. Speaking of, Janet Jackson dropped an album. Wasn’t nipple-gate (“wardrobe malfunction”) so innocent compared to the amount of skin people show these days? I found out I’m allergic to avocadoes. I think I’m going to let my hair stylist do something different next time. Oh right, yes, you had a child. Wow. Cool. Neat.

Geez, I’m at work. Isn’t anywhere safe from baby talk?


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