A Diminishing Asset

ads29n-2-webThinking about the new THINX panties–I still don’t quite understand the technology, but it’s a specialized underwear for those bleeding days. I like the ads, the look of the models, the feminist spin. I read a Q&A with the founder, and I want to support a female entrepreneur. At a pricepoint of $38, it’s a little high for an experimental purchase I may toss after one try.

But it could be an investment, right? Let’s say five years, times twelve–that’s 60 uses, which comes out to roughly $1.60 each month. By the sound of it, you can use the high tech panties in lieu of tampons, pads and pantyliners. Those feminine hygiene items do add up (and we pay taxes on them.) Seems to me this THINX is a no-brainer.

Oh, but, are you going to be menstruating for another five years? Hmmm. But hey! I’m sure it’ll come handy when I have issues with bladder control.

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