Second-class civic citizen

I’ve already lost this battle so I don’t even know why I would even bother, but a girl’s gotta vent. I’m very active in community service—and by that, I don’t mean raking leaves at a park to meet guys or attending fundraisers sipping up on bubblies and noshing on canapes. I get down and dirty and do the work—enough so that social workers ask me why I don’t join their profession. (I don’t because I can see how you can burn out very easily.) I’m not saying it’s god’s work, but, the general perception seems to be, “how nice,” “she can afford to do it because she doesn’t have kids,” “it gives her something to do.” I never did any of it for recognition or self-validation and I’m not about to ask for it now, but come on, why the inferior treatment just because the love, care and guidance I’m giving is not to someone labeled my child?


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