One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Ugh. Why didn’t I see this coming?

Stuck at a table with three of my friends, one expecting for the first time breaks the news to the two parents.

Gasps, congratulations, accolades and induction.

“It really is the greatest gift.”

“It’s just…so special.”

Polite smile from me. Faking empathy, encouragement. I mean, what the f–k would I know. This get together is no longer fun for me. Waiting for this moment to pass so we can move on. But it doesn’t.

“Your life’s really gonna change.”

“There are no words to explain the joy.”

Yeah, me too, no words to contribute to this conversation. I can’t tell if I’m imagining an awkward silence in which they are cognizant of the single barren elephant at the table and are weighing whether to change the  topic or whether to ask what, err, my plans are. Please don’t make them ask me, please don’t make them ask me.

The moment passes, no question asked.Maybe the threat was all imagined–they were basking in the glow of the magical world of parenthood.


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